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An Evening at Madam L's Soiree

I know you’re tired of reading about my Paris adventures.This is the last one, I promise. I’d like to move on to other things.It deals with a very interesting evening we had at the home of a Paris resident and an ingenious though not original way of surviving in the City of Lights.To protect her identity, we’ll just call her Madam L.An evening at Madam L’s Soiree.Before leaving home, a friend suggested that when I got to Paris I must contact this African American woman in Paris who hosted soirees for visitors. “She hosts parties for artists of all genres at her home.”While my friend hadn’t been to one when she visited Paris, she had heard about her from a friend.
One day during our stay, I called the number my friend had given me. Madam L told me she was having a soiree that evening at her house and gave me directions by train. Her apartment was located on the Left Bank. My sister and I took the train to her stop and followed directions to her apartment.By that time, night had fallen…