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Pursuing Your Passion

Last year around this time my good friend Mattie decided it was time that she stopped procrastinating and do what she always wanted to do - learn to paint.She said all her life she'd wanted to learn to paint but some thing or other would get in the way."I've seen too many of my friends with all sorts of dreams who never got around to fulfilling any of them before they were too ill or died."So she enrolled in an art class at her senior center and every week, she attends class.When I went by her house the other day; all along the walls of her family room were pictures she'd painted, beautiful landscapes, portraits and still life.On her easel was another she was working on.After working as a nurse most of her adult life, she had finally acknowledged her passion and said it enriched her life.
I have another friend who taught himself to play the guitar and every spare moment, he's in his garage learning new chords, listening to all sorts of musical styles and tr…