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Planned Obsolescence

The other day when I tried to use my printer, it said, “check your color cartridge.”I had recently installed a brand new color cartridge in it.I followed the instructions, but it continued to tell me to check the color cartridge.I figured maybe it meant the black cartridge so I installed a new black cartridge.No matter, the instructions wouldn’t go away.I unplugged the printer and plugged it in again.Slowly the printer began to print.I’ve noticed this happening more and more frequently.The printer would take minutes to print out a page, sometimes not completing the job at all.I was fed up.“How long have I had this printer?” I wondered.It didn’t seem that long ago when it was brand new. I was elated with its many features.Unlike my old printer that only printed, this one copied and scanned in black and white as well as color.Five years had passed since I’d replaced my old printer with this one.Because having a working printer is essential to my work, I went out and bought a new one.Wh…