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Laughter is Good Medicine

There is an old saying that laughter is good medicine.It's been around a long time and I believe it's true.Laughter is also contagious.When I was a young girl, just a certain look from my sister would send me into spasms of laughter.And she would do it purposely.I laughed a lot when I was younger.I laughed at movies like the "Carry-on" British series and "Dr. Strangelove." Recently I saw a Carry-on" movie on TV and I didn't find it funny at all.I laughed at my relatives when they'd do something, not intentional, but to me it was funny.My father would lecture us on our behavior.I wouldn't laugh in his presence.That could lead to dire consequences.And I would laugh at my aunts and uncles who had a tendency to imbibe too much and act crazy.
As a young adult, I laughed a bit, but not the kind of guffaws that erupted unexpectedly in my youth. Personal and family relationships, concern with school, job, marriage and raising a family really cut …