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Travel Lessons Learned

I’ve learned from the many mishaps I and others have had traveling around the country and around the world.Here are a few anecdotes and tips to help you avoid making the same mistakes.
Years ago, when I went with my aunt to Nigeria, though we were required to have a small pox injection prior to leaving the U.S., my aunt decided she wouldn’t. We spent two weeks in the country having a fine time. However, when it was time to leave and return home, she was stopped by the customs official. “Where is your certification proving that you’ve had a small pox injection?” the customs official asked her. "We cannot let you leave without it!" She was dumbfounded. I’d been cleared and anxiously waited for her near the exit to the field.Fortunately, the doctor, a friend of the family, had accompanied us to the airport to say goodbye.When the officials took her into a room, he went with her while I waited, wondering if I’d see my aunt again. I imagined her being taken away in handcuffs to j…