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What Ever Happened To That Old Dress?

Do you remember your old clothes? At times I look up and begin to wonder, "What ever happened to that red dress that I wore to a party when I was a young girl? It was a long sleeve red knit with white dickie." My mother bought it for me from Macy's Department Store where she worked; I wore it on my first date.She was always bringing me the latest fashions which she got at an employee discount; that is until I was a young adult, working and able to buy my own clothes.I remember buying a beautiful chiffon, yellow striped shirtwaist.At the time I wore size 10.I got to wear it once before it became too small or did I gain weight?Still I held on to it for the longest time, hoping one day I'd be able to fit into it again.After a few years, reality set in; I gave it to my local thrift shop. What ever happened to the dress I wore at my wedding? It was beige with brown trim.Being impulsive and a romantic, I had convinced my boyfriend to elope to get away from his domineering…